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Evaluation criteria for English as a Second Language (revised)

14 November 2014

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2014-11-13 14.58.34

05-Notebook marking [first check]


04-Speaking / class participation-

10-Test (easy test, initial assessm.)

20-Exams (book, basics, sms)

05-Notebook marking [second check]

20-Exams (book, basics, words)

30-Progress test {ongoing examination including all stuff}


EF; 14.11.2014


Evaluation criteria including the ongoing process

19 October 2014

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2014-08-23 13.50.09

A tentative scheme of points to evaluate should be as follows:

Notebook marking-                            05

Notebook marking-                            05

Attendance-                                       06

Speaking / class participation-          04

Test (easy test, initial assessm.)        10

Exams (book, basics, sms)                20

Exams (book, basics, words)             20

On going exam (incl. everything)       30

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