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Extra something

29 April 2019

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Extra something


We, as teachers, might improve the active participation of our students in the classroom by means of certain strategies. We could teach something new on the blackboard, write some rare expressions (idioms, false friends, abbreviations), get our pupils involved in a singular practice such as a specific role play activity, e.g.: a phone conversation with a famous movie star, or just provide them with a pack of new words.

We might as well suggest they copy a wordlist on their notebooks, turn some sentences into the negative or the past simple tense, et cetera.

These could be the extra something to those students coming to the classroom in any of our subjects, namely English language, Latin, Ethics or whatever



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Notes for students of Ethics -Parallel Papers-Ethics-ef17.- 310817

5 September 2017

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[James Dean vía @historyinmoment]

Three packs of obligatory notes for the subject of Ethics. Each one contains texts, definitions, mottoes, rules, news and some other points of interest such as urban legends, good manners and decalogues of behaviour. I have included extracts from the Spanish Constitution of 1978, the brilliant speech of Martin Luther King, the thirty articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

See the documents linked below:

Ethics PPa first term


Ethics PPa second term


Ethics PPa third term


Ethical ways and open-mindedness

23 June 2011

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(Primera Plana, 1974- película USA; director: Billy Wilder)

One believes in open-mindedness. Teachers are open-minded people.

Because of  this attitude one teacher never says no to a proposal from any company or group.

On this occasion, a group asks for an appointment to make a presentation of supplementary material for the English classes. One agrees  to have a meeting with them. The company explains the project, the teacher pays attention.

To sum up, there are positive aspects and negative ones. The negative aspects turn out to be heavy. The ugly faces of the matter are money and time. Moreover the project wouldn´t be affordable due to the fact that some elements from the own syllabus had to be deleted to accommodate the activity.

Despite these negative points, the teacher offers himself to pass information on to students on condition that the company sends an email with a FAQ issue and propaganda on the project. One teacher knows well that there are lots of ways to learning and practice and he doesn´t like the idea of closing doors to new activities.

Finally, the company doesn´t send any information via email and therefore the teacher is not able to provide his students with some optional ways to learn and practise the English language.

Cuestionario del demonio

25 June 2009
  1. ¿valoro los estudios que estoy realizando?
  2. ¿valoran mis padres y mis hermanos los estudios en general?
  3. ¿lo paso bien en clase, aprendo cosas y veo un lado útil a la escuela?
  4. ¿tengo que ir a clase porque me obligan?
  5. ¿soy capaz de estar un rato largo leyendo, lo que sea, sin aburrirme?
  6. ¿puedo estarme quieto y soy de los que acaban las cosas?
  7. ¿suelo leer la prensa?
  8. ¿leo más allá del primer párrafo de una noticia o me quedo sólo en las imágenes y en los titulares?
  9. ¿tengo curiosidad por aprender cosas nuevas, aunque se trate de un juego de cartas?
  10. ¿me gusta ver películas y ver la televisión más que todo lo demás?
  11. ¿llevo una agenda donde anoto fechas de exámenes, tareas o teléfonos?
  12. ¿qué asignaturas me gustan y por qué?
  13. ¿qué profesores me gustan y por qué?
  14. ¿soy de los voluntarios en clase o de los que no levantan la mano para nada?
  15. ¿hago resúmenes y esquemas de los apuntes y lecciones?
  16. ¿consultar libros diferentes a los obligatorios significa perder el tiempo o ganarlo?
  17. ¿estudio en casa?
  18. ¿cuánto tiempo estudio?
  19. ¿a qué hora y en qué habitación?
  20. ¿me distraigo fácilmente o me concentro en lo que hago?
  21. ¿es cierto que un ser superior ( un demonio) ha ideado esto de la escuela, los profesores y los libros para fastidiarme a mí?exorcista

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