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¡Buenos días! … (saludo y enigma en siete palabras)

13 December 2019

twitter: @eugenio_fouz

(MarK Reay -a la izquierda de la imagen. Fotógrafo y modelo)

_¡¡Buenos días!! … A la gente educada, también




The strangest tweet I have ever retweeted

17 November 2011

twitter: @eugenio_fouz

(Penélope Cruz, “Los abrazos rotos” -2009- Dir. Pedro Almodóvar)

Twitter is like this. You enter in this Sacred Forest and you come across tweets which you can´t understand. You know, it´s funny, because I thought I had seen everything until I started to follow @mtascon and @Anukkin. Well, today everything seems to be right and then I find out this tweet written by Christian Roman.

I don´t understand it. However the tweet looks like an enigma, don´t you think?!/chroman/status/136877657060159492

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