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“Let Us Now Praise Famous Men” (James Agee & Walker Evans)

10 August 2020

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Agee, James and Walker Evans, Let Us Now Praise Famous Men.

New York: Mariner Books, 1939


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Timelines of the Roman Empire and Rome

4 July 2020

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TIMELINE of the Roman Empire

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HISTORY EXTRA (10 moments)




How to be good at English (11-20 tips)

1 July 2020

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How to be good at English (11-20 tips)

11.Get involved in some social media (@Facebook, @Instagram, @WhatsApp) where you will find out texts, videos, things written and spoken mostly in English.

12.Always pay attention to grammar.

13.Brush up conjugation of verbs.

14.Be curious about the British culture.

15.Learn abbreviations (asap, &c, IOU, OK, vs., etc.)

16.Vocabulary is an indispensable tool in any language. No words, no communication. Words make meaningful conversations possible.

17.If you agree on the universal truth that dictionaries are useful, use them. In case you don´t agree, use them anyway.

18.Practice. Do lots of exercises.

19.Take notes, write drafts of emails, opinions, letters, descriptions, et cetera.

20.Read. Read lots of texts. Read letters, articles, newspapers, comic strips, magazines, lyrics, poetry, drama, novels. Read graded readers as well.



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How to be good at English (1-10 tips)

25 June 2020

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How to be good at English (1.10 tips)

1.Grammar- basics: know personal pronouns of object, demonstratives, articles, possessive adjectives.
2.Be good at saying numbers (written form as well).
3.Greeting spellings (bye, cheers, thank you).
4.Avoid the typical mistake of the missing s ending or es ending for the 3rd person singular of the simple present tense.
5.Know the exceptions to the rule. Do not say **I have hungry when you mean I am hungry.
6.Study and learn phrasal verbs, synonyms, antonyms, words, etcetera.
7.Study the rules.
8.Learn the exceptions.
9.English language is made up of four rules and forty exceptions. The student who masters these forty exceptions is the best speaker of English.
10.You should be familiar with false friends in English language and in life 😉


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On Latin proverbs, mottoes and abbreviations (Heimbach, E.) + EXTRA: Latin web

2 June 2020

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Heimbach, Elizabeth. Latin Everywhere, Everyday. A Latin phrase workbook. Wauconda (Illinois): Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers, Inc., 2004

Extract from the book: 
May 31, 2020
-Sententiae latinae-
Ab ovo usque ad mala (from eggs to apple. From beginning to end) Ad this purpose
Ad the man, personal
Ars longa, vita is long, life is short
Ave atque vale.hail and farewell
Bona good faith, genuine
Cave canem.beware of the dog
Confer (cf.).compare
Cum laude.with honour
De minimis non curat lex.the law does not care about the smallest things





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English language texts in little doses

31 May 2020

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Some students of English might find vocabulary and reading easier, funnier by means of short messages. The teacher could copy and paste texts from @Instagram, @Pinterest &c in a digital platform, namely @moodle. Also, GIFs and long reads from @Tumblr and @imgur.






English language texts in little doses


Coronavirus COVID 19 – “Are face masks tearing us apart?”(Euronews)

30 May 2020

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Euronews is a good medium to learn English through reading the news in a text (letter size changeable), watching a video and listening to the radio broadcasters´s voice. Their accent is really good. Besides, there are several topics to read about: culture, business, Europe, sport, travel.


“We don’t have a culture of wearing masks in Europe. We largely escaped the epidemics that scarred Asia and made them a common sight in public there.

And then came COVID-19.

At first, we didn’t have enough masks. We were advised not to use them unless we were sick or looking after someone who was.”


Go on reading, listening and watching:


@euronews (Twitter account)





METHOD: euronews to learn English


Present perfect tense vs. present perfect continuous tense

25 May 2020

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 “Be careful!. Think before you talk!” (@Tumblr)


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Awfully good resources for Teachers of English Language (readings, audios, exercises)

9 May 2020

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(malastampa, @tumblr)


learnenglishtoday dot com:

Sentences, exercises, words



English vocabulary (learn English today)



listening comprehensions



readings (east of the web)

“Diez palabras que pronuncias mal en inglés” (@YouTube)

3 May 2020

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Journalism As Literature

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