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How to apply for a job (cover letter and resumé)

28 February 2019

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Learning how to apply for a job is of vital importance for everyone. I have found out a website,, which explains the way to make application forms nicely. People in the UK normally write a cover letter or presentation note besides their resumé or CV (curriculum vitae. Always keep in mind the idea of developing at least 3 main points in your CV, namely: personal details, studies and experience, as well as writing about your objectives.

Read these lines:


Your Resume/CV


“Your resume—also called CV—is a summary of your professional or academic life until now, and it usually concentrates on your personal details, education and work experience.
!!! Your resume has only one job—to get you an interview!

In American English we say resume—sometimes written résumé or resumé (from French). In British English the term CV is more usual, and it stands for the Latin words curriculum vitae (= the course of one’s life).
Your resume’s job is very simple: to get you a job interview. To do this, your resume must be:

easy to read
relevant to the job offered


Your resume is the summary of your professional life. You should include everything that is relevant to your employment or career and nothing that is irrelevant. Exactly what you include depends partly on your type of work. There are usually 5 general headings of information to include:

personal details – name, address, email and telephone number (and sometimes nationality, age/date of birth and marital status)
objective – a headline that summarises the job opportunity you are seeking
work experience – your previous employment in reverse chronological order – with most detail for your present or most recent job
education – details of secondary and university education – including the establishments and qualifications (but excluding any that are irrelevant to your career)
personal interests – demonstrating that you are a balanced, responsible member of society with an interesting life outside work” (…)

See the whole explanation here:


if you like, download and print a PDF below:


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