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A storm in my brain is a brainstorming coming [I love PDF, storm (12 pp)]

21 November 2014

twitter: @eugenio_fouz


Texts. Reddit, twitter, tumblr
Readers, D.I
Grammar books, exercise books
Watch DVDs in ESL ( the office, skins, etc)

**imprescindible nine stars

Delicious, linkedin, twitter
Efnotebloc, efemoleskine, mividacomoescritor
Tumblr, gmail, dropbox

** reminder.- Nov 19, Wed.-
New test esl1, tests esl2 (20)
Dictations?, listenings? CDs exercises?
Avoid so much repetition on basics*
Dates tests
Pass marks- files

Lists favs 10
Program Esl dept
Ethics-definitions Teacher’s copy
Role-plays, patterns on communication, podcasts, phone calls
Invoices, rules, Departments, speaking

Worksheets, basics, words, verbs
Podcasts, parallel papers,
Role-playing, speaking, dictations
Substitution tables, grammar, book
Moodle, audios, readings, exercises
Essay writing, essays, translation
Mini tests, notebook, SMS
Use other CDs for practice
Audios .- Stories, etcetera
Abbreviations, idioms, false friends

**Latin study.- Gómez Espelosín, manuals, copies file
Abbreviations, mottoes, expressions
Conjugation of verbs, declensions of nouns and adjectives
Literature, texts in latin
Links on the net. -DL KET latin

Spanish language study.- syntax, sentence, etc
(good manners:<buenas maneras). – aula fácil docs. , books
Phonetics, MA English literature
Tables on Spanish literature, Catulo poems, Marcial
DVD The office, Skins
Thomas Sharpe, Wilt / Viney, The history of the English language

Ethics.- urbanidad and good manners

tests on psychology, manuals on Ethics,

texts to discuss about from exercises on the textbook

moodle: gifs. pics, texts, videos

**Practice file, pocket book
SMS, words, exercises, grammar, podcasts


gmail / tumblr / efe / save your links/ dropbox

Social media : twitter, tumblr, pinterest, reddit, facebook
Favs: tw, gmail, efnotebloc, tumblr, efe, reddit, pinterest, bbc
Basics: tw, gmail, efnotebloc / delicious, linkedin, twitter

**Mini tests

Words, lists of verbs, conjugation of verbs, sms
Basics, short essays, dictations, pictures, audios
Readings, grammar, exercises, translations

Get workbooks and notebooks
Speak English, move around the classroom, D.I

**Culture, dictations, texts, youtube videos,

songs, gifs, podcats; role playing

Larousse book of Glossary of words
Rosie Tanner, Pedagogy
Tiny texts, pedagogy, Idioms, phrasal verbs, etc
School planning: tasks, words, notebook, workbooks, worksheets
Book, audios
Parallel Papers

**KET tests
Tv, podcasts, videos, readers
Pull up/ down the blinds
Open/close the canopy
Wind up/down
Percentage of space the teacher

speaks English

in the classroom.- think about this


#PDF G-Drive

I love PDF (12 pp)


Memorandum on pupils´notebooks

15 November 2014

twitter: @eugenio_fouz




*the student must be in the classroom with his own notebook

*A4 paper size or exercise book size

*label on cover : last name, first name / class group

*numbered exercises inside following a continuous order

*date of every pack of tasks (e.g, Nov. 12, 2014 Wednesday)

*clear handwriting, cleanliness in all exercises



*well done exercises



Kind of exercises asked:

*translation of short texts

*pictures pasted onto the paper

*words and meanings

*SMS (short messages)

*BASICS: numbers, days of the week, personal pronouns

*notes on grammar


*conjugation of verbs

*list of verbs

*essays ( brief comments)

*describing a picture


*specific exercises (marked positively or negatively)



The teacher,

Eugenio Fouz

13.November.2014, Thursday

Evaluation criteria for English as a Second Language (revised)

14 November 2014

twitter: @eugenio_fouz

2014-11-13 14.58.34

05-Notebook marking [first check]


04-Speaking / class participation-

10-Test (easy test, initial assessm.)

20-Exams (book, basics, sms)

05-Notebook marking [second check]

20-Exams (book, basics, words)

30-Progress test {ongoing examination including all stuff}


EF; 14.11.2014

Ideal plan for an ESL class

4 November 2014

twitter: @eugenio_fouz

la foto 3



Words- book


Lesson book

BASICS- grammar – double speed


Reading aloud



Challenge words. PPA

Practice File (extra) / Pocket Book (extra)

List of verbs

Functional language

AV (moodle) podcasts, grammar, BASICS,

videos, pics, GIFs, exercises, labels or short messages, texts A4

Role playing


Reading texts (extra)

Journalism As Literature

A graduate seminar at the University of Florida


Elements of True Gentlemen


Disentería literaria


El primer blog de Garrafón en habla hispana

A Guy's Moleskine Notebook

Books. Reflections. Travel.

Cass in the Wilds

Stick your face in the schnoz of a dandelion


crear siempre, aprender y guardar la llama