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‘My love’ (e. e. cummings) / extras

29 August 2021

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My Love
e. e. cummings

‘my love
thy hair is one kingdom
the king whereof is darkness
thy forehead is a flight of flowers

thy head is a quick forest
filled with sleeping birds
thy breasts are swarms of white bees
upon the bough of thy body
thy body to me is April
in those armpits is the approach of spring

thy thighs are white horses yoked to a chariot
of kings
they are the striking of a good minstrel
between them is always a pleasant song

my love
thy head is a casket
of the cool jewel of thy mind
the hair of thy head is one warrior
innocent of defeat
thy hair upon thy shoulders is an army
with victory and with trumpets

thy legs are the trees of dreaming
whose fruit is the very eatage of forgetfulness

thy lips are satraps in scarlet
in whose kiss is the combinings of kings
thy wrists
are holy
which are the keepers of the keys of thy blood
thy feet upon thy ankles are flowers in vases
of silver

in thy beauty is the dilemma of flutes

thy eyes are the betrayal
of bells comprehended through incense.’






-piece by Orit Fuchs-



I’ve got to find my baby



@YouTube, 1:45 mins. Elvis Presley


“Suspicious minds” (Elvis Presley)

8 June 2019

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Suspicious Minds

Elvis Presley


We’re caught in a trap

I can’t walk out

Because I love you too much baby

Why can’t you see

What you’re doing to me

When you don’t believe a word I say?

We can’t go on together

With suspicious minds

And we can’t build our dreams

On suspicious minds



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The face of the Statue of Liberty in NYC (History in Moments)

6 March 2017

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My first look at the picture shared by the Twitter account @historyinmoment made me think of a strange resemblance of the Statue of Liberty with the mouth of the rock star Elvis Presley. I tweeted that. Now, I read a piece of news about it.

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