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Foreign language teacher´s luggage in the classroom

5 December 2019

twitter: @eugenio_fouz

[Charleston College, South Carolina (USA)]


Foreign language teacher´s luggage in the classroom

Rucksack, keys, watch
Handbooks on grammar, literature, vocabulary &c
Cell phone (and charger)
Laptop / tablet

Blocs, pens, propelling pencils
Rubber, rubber bands, labels
Bookmarks, paper clips, stapler
Sticky tape, pencil case, CD player
post-it, files, markers

Dossier 1.- attendance table / marks table (excel) / classroom notes / notebook exercises
Dossier 2.- PPA / wordlists / planning (term) / oral assessments


E. Fouz.-5.12.19



Foreign language teacher´s luggage


Teacher´s dossiers and files

2 November 2015

twitter: @eugenio_fouz

Larson, Keith


#separate file: MARKS


#dossier: attendance pack. FRONT

#dossier: notes for lessons, activities, timing, schemes, words

#dossier: schedule. PLANNING term. BACK


**notebook list. PACK

**Parallel Papers pack

**AUDIOS listening selection and strategies

**skeleton of verbs pack

**words (vocabulary)

**functional language pack

**grammar syllabus

**extra papers: reminders, how to download podcasts, how to do dictations

**worksheets: sentences for translation, BASICS review, pictures, exercises

**@moodle memo

**tests pack

Pequeño inventario de un profesor de idiomas

9 September 2013

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John Steinbeck

Dossiers con hojas de trabajo diario y semanal / programación general de la asignatura / diccionario RAE / diccionario bilingüe de inglés / diccionario monolingüe de inglés

libros de ejercicios / libros de texto / lápices, portaminas, bolígrafos, rotuladores / grapadora, estuche, tiza / cinta adhesiva, agenda del centro escolar, radio cassette

ordenador portátil o netbook / altavoces / podcasts / reproductor MP·3 / carpetas exámenes / archivadores para tutorías / mochila / cartera / sello de caucho de fecha y tampón

dossiers de clase (asignaturas y grupos) / dossier de asistencia de los alumnos /dossier de calificaciones de alumnos / blocs de notas (dudas, recomendaciones, ideas, tareas) / manuales de gramática y vocabulario

cartones mensaje DO NOT TALK NOW, PLEASE! / tarjeta roja y amarilla / readers (libros de lectura graduada en inglés) / diccionario bilingüe de bolsillo

programación de aula (recopilación de dossiers con hojas de trabajo semanal agrupada en trimestres) / paquetes de fotocopias / copia del Reglamento de Régimen Interno / página web del centro escolar, correo, MOODLE

cronómetro, reloj, llaves, documentación / horario, tippex, fundas DINA4 / pósits, tijeras, pegamento de barra, pegamento de tubo, blu·tack / flashcards, pósters, teléfono móvil

Teachers´ stuff. Inventory

20 November 2012

twitter: @eugenio_fouz

Life can be easier when you have the adequate tools: plastic files, staplers, adhesive tape rolls, propelling pencils, rubbers, pencils, pencil-sharpeners, blocs, notepads and all the stuff. In school a teacher needs graded readers, paper clips, A4 papers, ball pens and perhaps a couple of moleskines.

There will be books, broadly speaking, that a good teacher should consult continuosly such as dictionaries (more than one), grammar books, a Thesaurus, textbooks, novels, magazines, newspapers, etcetera.

If you are a lucky student, you will come across a teacher who loves doing things the right way and he will teach you well. If you are more than lucky, your teacher will be one of the kind who stamps the date on your testing paper or exercise books by using a rubber stamp date.

There are plenty of things in a teacher´s desk: ball pens, diaries, dossiers,  photocopies, press cuttings and rotrings, handbooks, folders, pencil cases and rubber bands, marks lists.

Yes, I can say I am happy with the classical stuff. I fancy especially those coloured slips of paper that teachers call post-its or sticky notes. These are very useful to mark a page in a book or note down any to-do-later task.

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