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Power walking stuff, discipline and daily routines / Johnson´s dictionary online

12 October 2021

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I am reading a handbook on walking for fitness these days. Here it it the reference: Jerald D. Hawkins and Sandra M. Hawkins. Walking for Fun and Fitness. Wadsworth, Belmont (California), 2011. 

In the introductory pages-page 7- it says: 

Power walking has been compared to cross-country skiing without the skis. While done at the same pace as fitness walking (3 to 6 miles per hour), power walking enthusiasts intensify the effects of the exercise by using exaggerated arm swing and hand weights or other external props, or both.’

walking with d


Therefore, I have been thinking about my power walking stuff. Basically, I wear running shoes, ankle socks, pants / tights, 2 T-shirts, and a cap to protect my head from the sun heat as well as walk incognito. I also wear a digital watch, keys and a face mask (whenever I happen to come across anyone during my 50 minute-walk). Now, from my readings on handbooks about Power Walking I am going to carry a pair of small dumbbells (0.5 kgs each) with me. It is important to be conscious of your arms while you walk. In fact, self-awareness of your whole self is important.

The best hour of the day in my daily schedule is around 3:30 p.m. Frequency walk, 5 or 6 days a week.


Caminar rápido… (Vogue)




gym in the early morning

listen to a pair of podcasts (

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Johnson´s dictionary online




Rules in an Irish school (punctuality, homework, behaviour)

15 October 2017

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Punctuality – There is a zero tolerance policy for students who turn up late for class. Homework – All students are required to do all of their homework every day. Foreign students are expected to attempt the homework at the very least. Smoking – Smoking in the school building is not permitted at any time and is punishable by law. It is not permitted to leave the school building or grounds between classes to smoke. Behaviour – Children are not permitted to speak during class or interrupt their teachers. Children are expected to be quiet and walk in an orderly fashion when in the school corridors. Foreign students have to integrate into the class – teachers cannot dedicate all their time to one student. Results – In Ireland the minimum pass rate is 40%. Foreign students are expected to pass their class tests. Sports/School Clubs – Most schools offer students the chance to partake in sporting activities as well as after-school clubs. We advise students to get involved in one or two activities as it enriches the school experience.


“I got nowhere else to go” (An Officer and a Gentleman)

25 October 2015

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Sgt. Emil Foley (Louis Gosset Jr.)

One of my favourite stories ever:

An Officer and a Gentleman

The fight of Zack Mayo to be somebody

(and the role of Sgt. Emil Foley)

Choose one of these two pains

3 July 2015

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pain of discipline


12 April 2014

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Free yourself from prejudice and ignorance. Free yourself from bad influence coming from anywhere. 

Good teachers will show you “the long and winding road” of discipline and learning.

That´s what I love from school, freedom

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