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How to write or get inspired (Christian Sorensen)

23 April 2019

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10 easy ways to generate powerful article ideas 

by Christian Sorensen


A blank page can be daunting. Whether you’re a content creator or copywriter for businesses, or a hobby fiction writer/J.K Rowling in the making, you sometimes need a little inspiration to get started.
I have put together a top 10 list of how to get new article ideas to hopefully inspire some of those who are stuck.

1. Answer questions
If you are a content creator for a company, and you need to fill a company blog with content, a good place to start is the company FAQ page if you have one. FAQ`s are great but mostly consist of one sentence answers to one sentence questions. And these are intended to answer questions customers would have asked the customer service department about. How about writing a blog post that not only answers the customers question before they even get to the FAQ, but also explains them the “why”.


powerful article ideas (Christian Sorensen)



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