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How to write and say ordinal numbers in English language (Woodward site)

9 November 2019

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-Woodward site-

Now, listen:

Ouch! It hurts!

3 February 2011

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The chart below shows the sources where one learns English today.

According to the information given, nowadays people learn English mainly via the internet, and one can guess the way to learn: twitter, facebook, googling, wikipedia consults, YouTube videos, general information, music, podcasting, digital press, etcetera. Secondly, and following what the chart shows, people learn a lot of English language by reading, and probably singing, the lyrics of songs. Music is a universal phenomenon. There are plenty of gadgets dedicated to music, namely, MP3s, iPods, laptops, radios, stereos, mobile phones, and many more.

And to finish there is a lilliputian portion in green colour which is supposed to represent the role of school in the process of learning.

I disagree with that chart. In my opinion the chart is an offence to academic knowledge and the  school world. Nonetheless, there are people who might think that the small portion is telling the truth. Believe me, it isn´t true.

Teachers, students, books, activities, discipline, music, internet, writing, talking, reading, doing exercises, rewards, punishments, dialogue, thought, dictionaries, calligraphy lessons, maths, drama, philosophy, chemistry, physical education, literature, grammar and so on make sense in learning on the first place.


(Thanks to Manuel M. Almeida-@mmeida- for sharing this chart on twitter with everyone and for his later confession that it was a joke, a fake job)

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