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11 October 2021

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Deberíamos vetar los móviles en los centros educativos

JORDI MARTÍ, @xarxatic

‘Hasta hace un tiempo creía que podíamos convivir con los móviles en los centros educativos. Estaba convencido de que, con una buena formación en su uso, podría ser una herramienta fantástica para el aprendizaje. Lo veía como una ventana abierta a todo ubicua y de fácil uso. Incluso estaba viendo como iban aumentando el número de apps educativas que surgían que prometían mejorar todas las habilidades y competencias habidas y por haber del alumnado. Pero no, los móviles deben vetarse de los centros educativos. Debe impedirse que el alumnado los lleve. Debe impedirse que el profesorado haga lo mismo. Hay una centralita al entrar al centro educativo y, con un buen sistema de consignas, podría tenerse acceso a los mismos para casos de extrema necesidad. Y no, ya os digo yo que no hay casos de extrema necesidad… ni para alumnado ni para profesorado.

Los móviles distraen. Los móviles hacen aumentar los casos de bullying. Los móviles son, en definitiva, una herramienta demasiado voraz para poder ser usada con mesura. Si no sabemos regularla ni autorregularnos los adultos, para pensar que lo van a hacer los chavales. La inmensa mayoría de problemas en los centros educativos se dan por culpa de los móviles. Y no estoy hablando solo a problemas de disciplina. Estoy hablando de tener a alumnado más pendiente de mirar “la hora” (sic.) que de atender la explicación del profesorado.’



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the pencil sharpener (How It Works)


Advice on attitude in the classroom (Ronald R. Rodgers)

7 April 2019

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I have found some notes on good behaviour surfing on the internet. I was having a look at some texts written by Ronald R. Rodgers Ph.D., Associate Professor in Journalism, University of Florida (USA) when I discovered these lines about classroom rules.


WRITTEN by R. R. Rodgers


“Spring 2017

Dr. Ronald R. Rodgers

Late assignments: No assignment can be late under any circumstances. Work turned in late will not be accepted unless you have a legitimate and documented excuse.

Common courtesy: For heaven’s sake, turn off your cell phone! Please also observe other rules of common courtesy, such as not speaking to your classmates (or yourself) when others are making a presentation, not falling asleep in class, not scrolling the Web, etc.

Be Good: And I have to say this as part of our contract: You need to conduct yourself in a courteous manner both in and out of class when it comes to dealing with fellow students or your instructor. That means any rude, obstructive or aggressive behavior will not be tolerated, and manifestations of same will mean your ouster from the class. I have a zero-tolerance policy on this.” (…) 

-Extract from the website of Ronald R. Rodgers-

Ronald R. Rodgers´ profile



I don´t hate school …

7 October 2018

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“Should cell phones be allowed in the classroom?”

7 October 2018

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The debate is still there. Should we share teacher´s talk and the interaction with students with a third party? Would anyone be sure that students do not distract from the classroom activities? Read the text from Oxford learning, if you please:


“Should cell phones be allowed in the classroom?” (Oxford learning, @oxfordlearning on Twitter)

“These days, more and more students are bringing cell phones to class. Even elementary school-aged students have cell phones in their pockets and backpacks.

But should students have cell phones in school?

It’s a debate that many parents and teachers (and even students) have on a regular basis.


Students check their phones in the classroom an average of more than 11 times a day. That can add up to a lot of time spent distracted from schoolwork. And when students are distracted, it’s a recipe for extra stress, frustration, and catch-up time for everyone.

With students spending up to 20% of their in-class time texting, emailing, and checking social media, it’s no wonder the debate about cell phones in the classroom is alive and well.” (…)

Read the whole text below:



Let me call you back, …

14 January 2018

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The end of grammar & spelling is near!

11 January 2018

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Draft of a schedule for English language (1st term)

17 October 2015

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Schedule / Planning

1st term

Subject:esl 2

*upload answers to certain exercises on moodle

October 19-23: lesson 3, audios 2, practice file 3, words, notebook, reader, verbs, conjugation, how to download a podcast**, no cell phones**, orals 1-2, exercises, translation, sms, test 10m

October 26-30: lesson 4, audios 3, orals, words, notebook, PPa, reader, flash-cards, verbs, numbers, role-playing: telephoning**, essay, basics, dictation

November 2-6: lesson 5, audios 4, words, notebook, verbs, practice file 3, practice file 4, role-playing:interviewing**, translation, sms, control 20m

November 9-14: lesson 6, audios 5, words, notebook, verbs, reader, role-playing:saying numbers**, PPa, orals, essay, basics, flash-cards, dictation, collect notebooks 5m

November 16-20: lesson 7, audios 6, words, notebook, role-playing:small talk**, numbers, orals, basics, translation, flash-cards

November 23-27: audios 7, words, sms, basics, essay, reader, dictation, PPa, translation, role-playing:spelling names or company names**, control 20m

December 1-4: exam 30m

A controversial topic: should cell phones be allowed in the classroom?

15 October 2015

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mobile phones not allowed

I have found out a site on the net where there was a debate on this issue: should we, teachers, allow or ban the use of cell phones at school? Have a look at some opinions below:


We should be allowed. Why can’t we use our phones when we see teachers use theirs all the time in class and outside of class? Why aren’t we allowed to use them if the teachers are already breaking the rules in the first place? If teachers can use their phones, students should be allowed to as well.


Cell phone ban! Cell phones cause distraction in class to teachers and students alike. It is simply a status symbol and feeds to drama in the classroom. Phones can also be used to do criminal activity such as illegal pictures. School is a place to learn not to text with friends in the same classroom as you. When students get grades that are poor leave part of the blame on the phones.


No cell phones (sorry) Cell phones are great, don’t get me wrong. You can text, call, play games, procrastinate, do math. But all these things in school? Not a good idea. I know (being a teen) that abuse rules is the best feeling you get. Exciting, entertaining, and also an escape. You can escape into the world of instagram or vine. Clash of Clans or Make it rain. But these games are a bad idea to bring into the classroom. No matter where I go in the school you always see an Iphone. And these come with great distractions. But phones are great after-school. Need to talk to your parents about being pick-up? Right at your fingertips! It’s only in-school that it becomes a problem. Therefore it should be banned during the day, but when the last bell rings…. The phones come out! But I see in the section I type in, a bunch of technophobic parents and I….. *sigh*. Come on people, get used to it, the world will change, it just depends on if your willing to change with it. So don’t be the people who blame phones for everything, find a solution. In, “the seven successful habits of highly effective teens,” it talks about poor and great habits of teens. One of the poor habits is the, ” I blame the world for all of my problems,” change it into a solution, not a blame. Plus, look at all possible perspectives, including the teens point of view.


Target for Stealing Cellphones are very valuable and expensive so many people are tempted to steal them.And what happens when they get stolen? The owner will eventually have to buy a new phone and their parents will get really mad at them. It’s too much drama! Who needs to go through all that.


They Should Be Allowed While phones SHOULD be prohibited during class time, I see no reason for this also to apply to lunch period. Students aren’t doing anything other than eating. It’s their break from classes and thus they should be able to do what they want during that time, including the privilege of using their phones.

You may go on reading by clicking on this link:


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