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“read the printed word”

11 September 2013

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This is the message:





[Thanks to Cassandra, author of the blog booksandbowelmovements]


21 April 2013

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If you visit this blog for the first time, you will find lots of widgets on the right side-column of it. There is a picture of myself, a blogroll (my favourite blogs or books), flags, tags and some other things.

But, if you were a habitual reader and commenter of #efnotebloc, you would find out five orange fish hanging around. I got the fish tank from Adam Bowman´s webpage. I saw one of these in Cassandra´s blog. The author of  the famous blog has even named her little fish (Donavan, Leonardo, Katrina, Dill and Hubert). I read Cassandra´s blog from time to time. She is a serious reader and what she writes about books is most of times fascinating.

Feed my fish for a while by dropping some food from your hand. See how they move following every click of your mouse. (Thanks!)

NOTE: My five orange fish are on the right side column below; just after the Linked In button profile

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