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Portfolio de didáctica general (science-junkie, @tumblr)

24 May 2020

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legal sites for literature










Foreign language teacher´s luggage in the classroom

5 December 2019

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[Charleston College, South Carolina (USA)]


Foreign language teacher´s luggage in the classroom

Rucksack, keys, watch
Handbooks on grammar, literature, vocabulary &c
Cell phone (and charger)
Laptop / tablet

Blocs, pens, propelling pencils
Rubber, rubber bands, labels
Bookmarks, paper clips, stapler
Sticky tape, pencil case, CD player
post-it, files, markers

Dossier 1.- attendance table / marks table (excel) / classroom notes / notebook exercises
Dossier 2.- PPA / wordlists / planning (term) / oral assessments


E. Fouz.-5.12.19



Foreign language teacher´s luggage


How to avoid spoilers for that book you’re reading (Julia Lepetit)

1 November 2018

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I found out a site where they inform how to avoid

spoilers for the book you ´re reading at the moment.

It´s called Dorkly.

Julia Lepetit shows how to manage.

See the original version below:


And that’s why sometimes strange things happen, you know…


“But only the Bible” (…)

11 July 2018

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A comic on reading (Grant Snider)

30 June 2018

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The end of grammar & spelling is near!

11 January 2018

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Writing & reading stuff

27 August 2017

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ball pens, propelling pencils, cartridges

blocs, moleskines, books

dictionaries, smartphone, earphones

pencil case, post-it, markers



About reading and readers via @BuzzFeed

20 March 2015

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2015-03-07 19.13.59


23 Struggles Only Book Nerds Will Understand

World Book Club, it really works!

3 April 2011

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Ms Gilbert I thank you. I received a parcel from the USA yesterday. It was a second hand book written by an English author you mentioned in one of your radio programmes. As you will see in the photograph above, the book was written by David Stephen Mitchell. The original title is “Black Swan Green“.

I had listened to that programme several weeks ago. Harriet Gilbert your space  “World Book Club” on the BBC is terrific. It hasn´t been difficult for me to be keen on it immediately. The topic is books and writers. Well, despite you have been talking to the novelist about “Cloud Atlas“, and the audience as well, I liked listening to the authentic author´s voice while he was reading some excerpts from that novel.

When that podcast was over I went for a surf into the sea and found out about that novel “Black Swan Green” which I thought might be an appealing literary experience.

This blogger follows the BBC radio podcasts, but also follows your tweets on Twitter due to the chance of the  democratic blue bird. I admit that I have retweeted your first tweet sentence.  It was a philosophical beginning “why have I started this?”.

Just in case I didn´t like the story written by Mitchell I would never blame on you. Many thanks, Ms Gilbert!

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