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Seven tools kit (for a foreign language student)[IlovePDF_7tools, 16pp]

9 February 2019

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EYE! 7 tools kit &c in IlovePDF_ (16 pages)




18 November 2018

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Correction work in notebooks

To have a bloc or notebook entails an obligation for you in the classroom. The notebook looks like a passport. A passport is a document with memory of your trips, places where you have been. In other words, a passport is the memory of the work you have done.

The teacher must revise the correctness of the exercises done or undone. However, bear in mind that the revision of your passport/notebook is just a quick teacher´s bird´s-eye view. Note that the work you do in your notebook is mainly useful for you. The assessment of notebooks reminds you the importance of practice and reinforcement of basic theory concepts.


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Mini crab crib

22 September 2013

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esquema mínimo de plan de clase. -9 puntos-

Gramática (explicación, práctica, ejemplos) / vocabulario / audios y podcasts

Cuaderno de clase / SMS (traducción inversa de frases) / libro de texto (lectura)

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