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“The 18 Essential Rules of Journalism” by Alex J. Coyne

9 December 2018

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[The Front Page- Primera Plana-. Dir. Billy Wilder, 1974]


The 18 Essential Rules Of Journalism

by Alex J. Coyne

The Essential Rules of Journalism serves as your no-BS cheat-sheet to the rules of the playing field. They are, at least in my humble opinion, what makes a good journalist– and good journalism. Writing them down was partially inspired by Captain Beefheart’s Commandments of Guitar Playing (of whom I have always been a rabid fan), my various courses offered to journalists and lastly, my own mistakes.

You have my permission to print these out and keep them nearby (or, in true commandment style, keep them on your tablet).

#1: Ask questions.

One of a journalist’s greatest assets is their natural curiosity. Start with the famed five W’s (and one H), then ask some more. Asking “why?” is what gets you the good stuff.

#2: Dig for the story.

If you think you’ve got the whole story, dig around some more. The most fascinating parts of the story are often just under the surface.

#3: Master the language.

As a journalist, language is your main tool. Read as much as you can and as often as you can, research odd words and archaic sayings, look at what’s behind etymology. Learn the patterns behind language and how to use them.

#4: Spelling matters.

Double-check if you aren’t sure about spelling or style (especially in the case of names), and read through messages and articles thoroughly before sending either.

#5: Know thy publication.

Before you pitch, know a publication’s style, editorial staff and content. Publications are usually more than happy to provide back-issues. If you can’t find writer’s guidelines, send a short introductory email requesting them”. (…)

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Ethical ways and open-mindedness

23 June 2011

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(Primera Plana, 1974- película USA; director: Billy Wilder)

One believes in open-mindedness. Teachers are open-minded people.

Because of  this attitude one teacher never says no to a proposal from any company or group.

On this occasion, a group asks for an appointment to make a presentation of supplementary material for the English classes. One agrees  to have a meeting with them. The company explains the project, the teacher pays attention.

To sum up, there are positive aspects and negative ones. The negative aspects turn out to be heavy. The ugly faces of the matter are money and time. Moreover the project wouldn´t be affordable due to the fact that some elements from the own syllabus had to be deleted to accommodate the activity.

Despite these negative points, the teacher offers himself to pass information on to students on condition that the company sends an email with a FAQ issue and propaganda on the project. One teacher knows well that there are lots of ways to learning and practice and he doesn´t like the idea of closing doors to new activities.

Finally, the company doesn´t send any information via email and therefore the teacher is not able to provide his students with some optional ways to learn and practise the English language.

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