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Oogle give me a g

13 April 2012

twitter: @eugenio_fouz

 (Notting Hill, a film directed by Roger Michell, 1999. Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant)

Oogle give me a g

Outube give me a letter y

Bc give me another b


G, y, b google and you´ll be friends



Well, you´ll see


Ikipedia give me a double u

Ordreference search for this English word and give me u twice

Ordpress blog these verses, yep, give me a w


Google, youtube and bbc podcasting

Wikipedia, wordreference and wordpress blogging


Six places one must stay at least twice everyday

Spanish green bottle of wine dream

8 March 2011

twitter: @eugenio_fouz

You know, you would never imagine I am having this lilliputian keyboard here writing a message of hope inside this green submarine into the greenness of the infinite watery net. Once upon a time I was near the mystic river-twitter-and saw that people were as equal as ever one could think.

From the river the water runs deep to the sea and from there to the oceans.

I teach-or rather, I learn and teach-a foreign language in my country and very recently I discovered the second and third letters of the alphabet and with those 3 letters the open world of communication via podcasting. I flipped out months ago and I keep on being shocked and excited. I was soon keen on Mr Marr and Mr Moyles, later on I discovered programmes on books in which a woman (twitter: @A1 tch58) respectfully asked authors to read extracts from their books and I came to learn from David Mitchell and Carlos Ruiz Zafón as well.

I am a fan, a follower, a learner or a listener who follows programmes out of date and updated too.

I had the twit idea that Mr Marr might possibly reading any of  my @messages via twitter because of good people´s love to the tweets of sparrows and I followed @television_man. But this nickname turned out to be another´s man´s identity so I decided to unfollow him. But now, I change my mind and will follow that character because I can´t help believing. So, here I am, a twitizen follower to broadcasters who won´t read my messages, won´t listen to my twitter tweets or won´t pick up this Spanish dream.



[the second and third letters of the alphabet and with those 3 letters the open world of communication via podcasting: B B C podcasting]

I can´t help saying this once more

7 March 2010

(This image has been taken from the official page of the BBC podcasts downloads.  BBC is on our side.)

It is awfully good. It is practical and a useful thing the fact of having the choice to listen podcasts via your small, portable mp·3 player wherever you are, or whenever you want. Moreover you can save them, listen –as recommended twice, three times or four times- and repeat short sentences aloud to get infected with the British accent and intonation.

Oh, I feel really happy with the help of these podcasts. Honestly, thank you very much for this kind of oral language support, BBC.

Best regards!


Eugenio Fouz


Here you are! This is the link I´m talking about:

This is a simple sample of the work done by means of a PDF which BBC puts on the Internet at that webpage address above.

“5th March 2010-Child directs air traffic at JFk in New York

Words in the News © British Broadcasting Corporation 2010

Page 1 of 2

US officials are investigating how a child was apparently allowed to direct planes at New York’s JFK airport.

Pilots heard the voice of a surprisingly young boy instructing them from air traffic control. He had been brought along to work by his father. This report from James Gordon:

JFK Airport in New York is one of the largest airports in the country, handling nearly a thousand take-offs and landings a day. But just after 8pm on the 16th of February, there was somebody else in the control tower directing air traffic and giving instructions to pilots.

Recording from air traffic control:

Boy: JetBlue 171 clear for take off.

Pilot: Clear for take off JetBlue 171.

The boy was speaking to an airbus A320 heading for Sacramento.”

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