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Tiny texts, a good idea to learn English

5 February 2015

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2015-01-19 22.42.32

There is a webpage where you can find “extremely short texts” to read aloud and listen afterwards, or the other way round if you like.

Have a look at the sample text copied from the web page below:


[text taken from TINY TEXTS]

Stressed Workers Pay to talk – Read, listen and learn a little English!

November 25, 2014

By Tim Parkinson via Wikimedia Commons
Workers in Australia, have a new hotline they can call when they feel stressed and overworked. The new counselling service, called Talk2Me, will charge its users $2,97 per minute to talk to a counsellor who promises to “just listen” to their work complaints. Of course, the service offers more than just a friendly ear: the counsellors have special skills. It’s not the same as just talking to a friend. For one thing, they do not interrupt with their own tales. Just make sure you don’t talk for too long, otherwise you could end up more stressed when you get the bill. Would you use this service?”


Besides the pleasure of short, easy reading an English text, the author (Annette Porte) provides the meaning of some words and the original podcast recorded with singular native English speakers. Annette has a twitter account @tinytexts

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