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A key to the charm of a foreign language

5 May 2010

(The famous broadcaster Andrew Marr, Start the Week, Radio 4- BBC)

One of the good things in a foreign language, a way of communication that one discovers day after day, is rhythm and stress.

I think about music, in fact, I meditate on the music of words hand in hand in an oral message and I come to the conclusion that the English language is so awfully good and brilliant because of the plentiness of paroxytones and proparoxytones ( in Spanish, “palabras graves y esdrújulas”). If you happen to listen to podcasts from the BBC, and if you listen to Andrew Marr´s voice, you will hear the brisky resulting sound of those words being born from behind, from the very root of the sentence to the goal of the full stop.

Those who were born in Galicia also speak in a similar way with the overuse of proparoxytones and even longer word stress. That is what the chronicler García Martínez writes in LAVERDAD about politicians coming from the northwest such as José Blanco, or Pepiño Blanco as he likes to nickname him-

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