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Draft of a schedule for English language (1st term)

17 October 2015

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Schedule / Planning

1st term

Subject:esl 2

*upload answers to certain exercises on moodle

October 19-23: lesson 3, audios 2, practice file 3, words, notebook, reader, verbs, conjugation, how to download a podcast**, no cell phones**, orals 1-2, exercises, translation, sms, test 10m

October 26-30: lesson 4, audios 3, orals, words, notebook, PPa, reader, flash-cards, verbs, numbers, role-playing: telephoning**, essay, basics, dictation

November 2-6: lesson 5, audios 4, words, notebook, verbs, practice file 3, practice file 4, role-playing:interviewing**, translation, sms, control 20m

November 9-14: lesson 6, audios 5, words, notebook, verbs, reader, role-playing:saying numbers**, PPa, orals, essay, basics, flash-cards, dictation, collect notebooks 5m

November 16-20: lesson 7, audios 6, words, notebook, role-playing:small talk**, numbers, orals, basics, translation, flash-cards

November 23-27: audios 7, words, sms, basics, essay, reader, dictation, PPa, translation, role-playing:spelling names or company names**, control 20m

December 1-4: exam 30m

A quick note on activities in the classroom

22 January 2015

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2014-11-23 20.46.32

dictations / short messages / grammar (x1)

exercises (x2) / audios / reading texts and typescripts

words / role-playing / specific points in the textbook

notebook / grammar syllabus revision / Parallel Papers


Notepad- 18

16 February 2014


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(José Tomás, Spanish torero)


February 16, 2014 Sunday

book: grammar, vocabulary and exercises / audios from the book and others / notebook

workbook exercises and texts / texts (reading) / exercises from the book, workbook or collage A4papers

 Parallel Papers: copies with functional language, exercises, notions / SMS short messages-usually Spanish messages to translate into English language / words (vocabulary quiz, oral questions, writing, completing missing letters on board)

 dialogues (useful language) / dictation (listening from an audio podcast, textbook or teacher´s ) / short paragraph of a written text for translation (use of dictionary)

 situations (create singular situations to get them solved out)  / pictures, GIFs and drawings on moodle, board or wherever with a motto or funny statement / essay writing (around 20 words of the students´ opinion about current topics such as using mobiles everywhere, smoking or not smoking in public places, shouting, bad language)

 moodle or Aula Virtual, companion for learning and share stuff / blogging / tweeting and communicating with students via twitter

Give me five … or twenty-five

28 April 2013

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Comment this picture, write an essay of around 30 words, listen to this audio, pay attention to grammar, do these exercises, worksheets, write the past form of some verbs, dialogue, what would you do in a specific daily situation, read aloud, read in low voice, Parallel Papers (review of basic points in grammar, press cutting, vocabulary lists, reminders, et cetera), translate these Short Messages into English, translate this paragraph into Spanish, enter and participate in Moodle, do a dictation, read a Graded Reader, do some pages in the workbook, do an International Exchange, write some articles for the fanzine at school, create a Twitter account and tweet something in English, work with the textbook, use Functional language in and out of the classroom, draw a cartoon following the instructions of your teacher, write a letter or email to a penpal

I like

22 July 2012

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(All Access Pass, Melanie´s blog´s photo )

Some ideas to get your students involved in class.


1/ write one sentence on the blackboard

[One student starts a dialogue with this sentence. A second student must follow the dialogue spontaneously. –Someone in the class plays the role of secretary and takes notes of everything these students say]


2/ show students a photograph or a cartoon and ask them to jot down some notes on their notebooks describing it


3/ a couple of students copy several revision exercises on the board

[The blackboard is divided in 2 parts to go faster. Exercises must be of the kind “fill in the missing information”, basics, meanings, transformation of verbal tenses in sentences, write these numbers, put the nouns in plural, look for the opposite forms, etcetera]


4/ ask everyone to draw anything in their notebooks : a mug of tea, an umbrella or whatever you suggest [Have a look at the best ones and show the best to the class making clear which is which]


5/ provide hand outs with the lyrics of songs unfinished (fill in the blanks activity) and play the song on the CD player twice or three times until they get the blanks filled. Then, get a Spanish translation of the song


6/ ask students to write short notes of around 50 words about any current topic such as Twitter, London Olympic Games 2012, etcetera ; or even simpler and easier, what are you doing this evening? do you have much homework to do?are you for mobile phones?


7/ do short dictations


8/ ask your students to copy English paragraphs and, using a bilingual dictionary, to do a Spanish translation


9/ read texts aloud about the English culture and traditions


10/ ask students to send you lots of stuff for the English language “moodle” tool



Why Are Gregory and Evgeni Speaking Russian?

16 May 2012

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(Gregory House)





Exercises(dictations, translations, essays)

Short Messages (SMS, sentences: transformation, pass into English)

Reading (texts aloud) (Reading Book:form and content)

(Read this message to remind you these six activities in class)


Planning a perfect weekly plan in my English language class

9 October 2011

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 (“Fight Club” film directed by David Fincher.-1999)

The perfect week should have an appearance like this, more or less:

#grammar explanation, audio listening of some texts, book work, word list, parallel papers (extra exercises, vocabulary, set expressions, news, etc), workbook time

#grammar explanation (II), audio listening (II), correction of exercises from the book, workbook time, parallel papers, reading aloud

#correction of exercises from the book, correction of exercises from the workbook on board, wordlist, SMS-translation of Spanish short messages into English-, translation day with dictionaries/short essay writing on an easy topic (around 20 or 30 words), PAU tests simplified

*homework and AV or MOODLE invitation, watching short videos, Question & Answer talks live in class, choral messages, drawing, telling stories, etcetera

Little doses of everything

26 September 2011

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 (Arthur Miller, writer)

These activities make learning attractive to students of a foreign language:

Audio listening

Translation of short messages from Spanish into English

Grammar notions (providing some singular or personal examples)

Textbook exercises and correction

Students read extracts of any text aloud

Writing 30 word-essays on any topic related to the lesson

Revision of notions, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation or culture

Packs of copies (“Parallel Papers”, “Vocabulary lists”, “Newspapers”, etc)

Workbook exercises

Asking the meaning of words to any student

Text translation using a dictionary

Choral repetition of sample sentences


Songs (fill in the blanks, comments, essay writing, translation, singing)


Watching DVDs with Spanish or English subtitles


PAU tests

Mock tests

Journalism As Literature

A graduate seminar at the University of Florida


Elements of True Gentlemen


Disentería literaria


El primer blog de Garrafón en habla hispana

A Guy's Moleskine Notebook

Books. Reflections. Travel.


crear siempre, aprender y guardar la llama