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Krashen´s explanation on acquisition of language

26 August 2014

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Watch the YouTube video (15 mins.)


Acquisition of a foreign language

20 August 2014

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Simplifying things, acquisition of a foreign language can be managed by listening to podcasts and reading texts (stories, literature, newspapers, social media information). Good listeners love radio programmes or TV series. Good readers enjoy books and are dictionary users.

Another idea to work on acquisition is the listening to radio programmes alive online.

Listening to radio programmes alive online may help 

Wonderful oh, Women

31 August 2013

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two women cafe

Once again I have to write about the BBC radio podcasting. On this occasion I enjoyed the tender and genuine free conversation of two women in Manchester, June and Susan, who talked about love and marriage. The podcast belongs to a new category called #thelisteningproject.

These women were chatting about their feelings and thoughts on personal topics naturally.  They were telling the story of their sweethearts.

To learn a foreign language the idea of sharing listening to real people talking spontaneously is a good way, if not the best way to acquisition.

[BBC radio4 podcasts. 16/12/2012] BBC, British Broadcasting Corporation

Fleur de lis

23 August 2013

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To the student of a foreign language

Just a reminder: study grammar, learn words (use dictionaries, pens, blocs) and work acquisition via reading (texts) and listening (audios, videos)

In a nutshell: grammar, words, acquisition. Three targets as three petals in the fleur de lis

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