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14 December 2015

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my method 

  1. @YouTube videos (extracts of films, how to videos, grammar engvid) & @euronews videos
  1. music, songs and lyrics via @google
  1. @BBC_podcasts (learning English category), audios from textbooks
  1. links to exercises and notions on Business English via @google & @moodle
  1. readers (Oxford Bookworms, Burlington Books, etcetera)
  1. role playing
  1. dictations
  1. translations (written texts, news from @guardian, @DailyMirror, @HuffPostUK, @Independent, @TheObjective_en) and using dictionaries (WordReference)
  1. essay writing
  1. vocabulary (list of words: verbs, nouns, adjectives, basics, connectors, etcetera)
  1. grammar (notions of grammar, basics, practice, examples, exercises, false friends, phrasal verbs, idiomatic expressions, etcetera)
  1. practice (exercises, conjugation of verbs, words, oral talking, blackboard writing, peer work, reading aloud, asking questions, flash cards, etcetera)
  1. tests (mock tests, controls, exams, progress exams, unmarked tests, surprise tests)
  1. Parallel Papers (packs of copies including how to do pages, theafterexampage, functional language reviews, shortlisted words, grammar notions, reminders for the student)
  1. worksheets (handouts with exercises, vocabulary, grammar and basics)
  1. textbook (following the syllabus)
  1. notebook (exercises, basics, notes, grammar, essays, dictations, homework)
  1. planning (teacher´s copy) and feedback from students



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28 January 2015

twitter: @eugenio_fouz

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Notepad- 18

16 February 2014


twitter: @eugenio_fouz


(José Tomás, Spanish torero)


February 16, 2014 Sunday

book: grammar, vocabulary and exercises / audios from the book and others / notebook

workbook exercises and texts / texts (reading) / exercises from the book, workbook or collage A4papers

 Parallel Papers: copies with functional language, exercises, notions / SMS short messages-usually Spanish messages to translate into English language / words (vocabulary quiz, oral questions, writing, completing missing letters on board)

 dialogues (useful language) / dictation (listening from an audio podcast, textbook or teacher´s ) / short paragraph of a written text for translation (use of dictionary)

 situations (create singular situations to get them solved out)  / pictures, GIFs and drawings on moodle, board or wherever with a motto or funny statement / essay writing (around 20 words of the students´ opinion about current topics such as using mobiles everywhere, smoking or not smoking in public places, shouting, bad language)

 moodle or Aula Virtual, companion for learning and share stuff / blogging / tweeting and communicating with students via twitter

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