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‘Te leo como un libro’ (Irene Vallejo) / language

12 September 2021

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Irene Vallejo, ‘Te leo como un. libro‘ (@el_pais)






What Is Language? The 5 Basic Elements of Language Defined


‘Definition of Language

Language can be defined as a form of communication that allows intercourse between multiple people, that is arbitrary (in words individually), generative (in word placement), and constantly evolving.

Many may dispute the meaning of language because some may equate language to communication in general. Where communication can be any action, language must have particular limits placed within its meaning to protect what may constitute a proper language—that is to distinguish between noises or grunts and communicative utterances in languages.

The Lexicon of a language or the words used to form a language provides the opportunity for multiple combinations of words virtually to never say the same group of words the same way.’







Phone etiquette / good manners

12 September 2021

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Phone Etiquette Tips – 11 Things You Should Never Say


‘Just because you reckon you could talk the hind legs off a donkey, doesn’t make you a strong professional communicator on the phone.

If you work in an office setting and use the telephone to chat to customers, (yes – we also wish you could just use emojis) then you ought to run through these 11 phone no-no’s.

1. “How are you?”

“How are you?” “Good.” [Awkward pause.] “And you?” “Yeah – good too.” “That’s good.” [Awkward pause #2.]

You don’t really care how the customer is doing and, to be frank, the sentiment is mutual. Don’t waste your customer’s time by enquiring absent-mindedly as to their wellbeing. Cut straight to the point!

2. “Mate!”

Customers are not your mates. Here in Australia, we assume the word ‘mate’ does to conversation what tomato sauce does to food – makes it all better! But in actual fact, it’s unprofessional and is likely to confound rather than amuse your customer.

3. Crutch Words

“There are, like, four different sizes, and each size is available in, like, a million different colours…”

“Like” is a crutch word and crutch words just have no place in conversation. “Like”,
and its over- and inappropriately used crutch-cousins, come off as unpolished and a little juvenile. Cut it out and your phone etiquette will improve like crazy.’




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