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Ten ways to improve your vocabulary (Alyssa Jung)

20 March 2020

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10 Ways to Improve Vocabulary in Just One Day
Alyssa Jung

“The average American has a vocabulary in the thousands. Try these tricks to make sure yours stacks up.
1/Read to your children.-Parents and children can both benefit and improve vocabulary from reading bedtime stories snuggled under the covers. “The words in many children’s books are often outside the realm of adults’ day-to-day discourse, so parents can learn more words just by reading to their children,” says Susan B. Neuman, professor of Childhood and Literacy Education at Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development at New York University in New York City.

2/Watch movies.-Watching the movie version of your favorite book isn’t just a guilty pleasure, it’s also a vocabulary booster. “If you see the movie version of your favorite book you’re likely to have a deeper understanding and knowledge of the words in it,” says Neuman. “Seeing and reading something on the same topic is really important.” The phenomenon is called dual coding; you read something, then see it on the screen and end up remembering better because you have a visual representation, she says. Don’t miss these Latin phrases that will make you sound smarter.”

Latin phrases

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Improve your vocabulary


Ah, my angel, Juliet

20 March 2020

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Ah, my angel, Juliet …

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