THE AFTER EXAM PAGE (Business English 1) 6.12.19

twitter: @eugenio_fouz

Business English 1

1/ Get your textbook or a dictionary, check the correct spelling of the days of the week and copy them at least twice (at menos) (twice.dos veces)

2/ To learn vocabulary, download the wordlist papers from Aula Virtual (@moodle) and print them. After that, mark the words and expressions you can write or say without any doubt (doubt.duda)

3/ Attend classes. If you miss the teacher´s talks, you will be lost (to attend.asistir)

4/ Always have a look at your mistakes the day of correction. If possible, take some notes to avoid making the same mistake (to avoid.evitar)

5/ Thuesday is a word that doesn´t exist. Tuesday (martes) or Thursday (jueves) do exist!
Thrusday doesn´t exist either (either.tampoco)

6/ I don´t not like this girl is WRONG. I do not like this girl (no me gusta esta chica) is RIGHT
(WRONG.incorrecto) (RIGHT.correcto)


E. Fouz.-6.12.19





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