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Business English 1


first term

1.First of all write your name and SURNAME on the examination paper

(sample: John PARKER)

2.Write the date as well

3.Read all the questions at least twice

4.Months of the year: there are twelve months. All months have a capital letter: January, February, March, April … (DO NOT write april, but April)

5.Write the meaning of these expressions: escriba el significado de estas expresiones

6.To conjugate a LEXICAL verb you must put –s- in the 3rd person in the singular:

I speak / you speak / she speaks / we speak / you speak / they speak (yo hablo, tú hablas)

7.Study and copy the skeleton of verbs in the list [check the Aula Virtual, @moodle]

To quit quit quit.abandonar

To eat ate eaten.comer

To read read read.leer

To see saw seen.ver

8.Cardinal numbers are: 1, one / 4, four / 9, nine / 11, eleven / 12, twelve / 15, fifteen

9.Ordinal numbers are: 1st, first / 2nd, second / 3rd, third / 4th, fourth / 5th, fifth

10.Review the English alphabet. Try to spell nouns in loud voice: worm, shark, elephant



Eugenio Fouz.-24.10.19





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