How to conjugate verbs (auxiliary & lexical verbs)

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Conjugation of verbs.-

Auxiliary verbs:

to be was/were been.ser, estar

I am               we are.nosotros somos

you are         you are

she is             they are


can could.poder

I can                          we/you/they can

you can.tú puedes

she can



Conjugation of verbs.-

Lexical verbs (Lexicals):

to go  went

I go                 we go.nosotros vamos

you go                      you go

she goes        they go


to play   played   played.jugar

I play                        we/you/they play

you play.tú juegas

she plays


to speak   spoke  spoken.hablar

I / you do not speak

she does not speak.ella no habla

we/you/ they do not speak





Eugenio Fouz.-24.10.19


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