The beauty of French language (and the beauty of French literature)

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[David Bowie]


What an extraordinary story! What a final sentence!

And the marchioness was lost in thought” (English version)


“Et la marquise resta pensive” (French language)


Sarrasine, Honoré de Balzac

“Avez-vous jamais rencontré de ces femmes dont la beauté foudroyante défie les atteintes de l’âge, et qui semblent à trente- six ans plus désirables qu’elles ne devaient l’être quinze ans plus tôt? Leur visage est une âme passionnée, il étincelle; chaque trait y brille d’intelligence; chaque pore possède un éclat particulier, surtout aux lumières.”

[Honoré de Balzac, Sarrasine. Éditions du Bouchier, Paris. 2002.- page 6]

#PDF in French language


“Have you ever met one of those women whose startling beauty defies the assaults of time, and who seem at thirty-six more desirable than they could have been fifteen years earlier? Their faces are impassioned souls; they fairly sparkle; each feature gleams with intelligence; each possesses a brilliancy of his own, especially in the light”


#PDF in English language


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