running slow or not running at all

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Boston marathon, 2018


Why Do I Run Slow And How To Fix It?
November 20, 2016 / Fitness Training Running Health Q&A / By Jessica Natalie

“Perhaps you might be asking yourself: why do I run so slow? It seems like no matter what you do, you just cannot seem to get faster at running, let alone keep up the same pace for long. As a result, you might feel incredibly frustrated by your efforts, in that you feel to be making no progress at all in your running career.

However, do not let your negative thoughts take over you. Granted, it is challenging to get faster and better at running, but keeping a positive perspective on the situation is one way to get started.” (…)

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If you are a slow runner….
Posted on April 6, 2016 by turtlemomblog

“Sure there are disadvantages to be a slow runner. First of all, we have to depend our luck on the lottery if we want to run at the prestigious marathons, such as New York City Marathon, Boston Marathon, Marine Corps Marathon and other popular marathons inside and outside the US, because our time does not meet their qualifying time.

Take me as an example. With my PR (Personal Record) now for full marathon, which is 6 hours, I will never get my BQ (Boston Qualifying ) time even until I reach 80. To qualify running for Boston Marathon without lottery for my age bracket, my time should be 3 hours 55 minutes. If I still run until the age of 80, I should be able to score the time 5 hours 25 minutes to be qualified. OK, I have planned to improve my PR and my target is to be able to run full marathon in 5:30. Now I have to be a little bit ambitious and try 5:20, so one day, God willing, when I hit 80, I will finally be qualified for Boston Marathon, of course if I can keep my PR that long😄😄 ” (…) 


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