Three things that make women be with you (Devon Avery)

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Three Things That Make Women Want to Be With You
Updated on October 24, 2016
Devon Avery 

“Good guys finish last.” Are you one of them? Are women constantly turning you down even though you know you have everything to make them happy? Why would they rather choose a man who understands nothing about their feelings over a good, sensitive guy like you?

First off, you must understand this: a woman doesn’t reject you because you’re too much of a “good guy”, they do so because they don’t see in you the traits they are looking for in a mate. Of course, you and I both know that you do have all the qualities a truly good partner should have: respectful, loyal, caring, attentive. So why for Christ’s sake would a woman NOT want this?

Three Fundamental Things That Make Women Want To Be With You

Here are the three most important things for a woman when it comes to deciding whether she wants to be in a relationship with a guy or not. Because you must be aware of what women really want, before you can give it to them.

1. Reputation. Image. Self-worth.

Ask yourself: How do others perceive me? Do I have a good reputation in my circle? Would a woman be proud to be with a guy like me?

The amount of respect you get from your peers is very important to a woman. Why? Because that respect will transfer to her once she is in a relationship with you. Of course this works both ways. You want a good, respectable woman, so that together, you make a respectable couple. And that’s exactly what a woman dreams of: She wants to be part of a power couple (a la Brangelina), a relationship that will make everyone envious of her. The quality, image, strength of her relationship define everything that she is. Every woman’s top priority in life is to find and build such a relationship.

So yes, respect is a major turn-on for women. Being with a well respected man makes a woman feel confident, valued, safe, and important, all at once.

Remember this: a woman does not want to be loved by a man she does not admire, but she would sacrifice everything to be with a man she does. Hence the reason why women are generally attracted to men who are somewhat popular. Like it or not, popularity often comes hand in hand with respect, and, even when it doesn’t, some women do tend to confuse the two.

So how do you become a respectable man any woman would desire? In a nutshell: you don’t need to try to turn yourself into the social guru here. Just work on your social skills and improve them, excel at your job, look presentable, don’t smell bad. All of this will automatically make you gain other people’s respect, including that of the Cleopatra you wish to conquer. (…)

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