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I would like to apologise to anyone …

11 May 2019

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apologize anyone not yet offended


I love this savage, too

11 May 2019

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History of American Journalism, a rich website by Rick Musser

11 May 2019

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History of American Journalism

Rick Musser (


“The 1960s was marked by clashes of ideologies. In the South, blacks fought a stubborn white establishment for the rights they were owed under the Constitution.

Abroad, the United States fought a multi-front battle against the spread Communism. On college campuses across the country, a new generation of Americans rejected the post-WWII, conservative values of their parents.

And even within the Civil Rights movement, the non-violent activists under Martin Luther King, Jr., butted heads with the militant followers of Malcolm X. The result was a decade mired in turbulence — but also one that brought important changes.”

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[Professor Emeritus Rick Musser]
University of Kansas, School of Journalism & Mass Communications, 1976-2008

Original site designed May 2003 by graduate students Heather Attig and Tony Esparza

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