Uno de los mejores relatos cortos que he leído en mi vida fue escrito por Francis Scott Fitzgerald

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curious case of b b

El curioso caso de Benjamin Button, Francis Scott Fitzgerald

Extracto de la versión original


written by

Francis Scott Fitzgerald

“As long ago as 1860 it was the proper thing to be born at home. At present, so I am told, the high gods of medicine have decreed that the first cries of the young shall be uttered upon the anesthetic air of a hos- pital, preferably a fashionable one. So young Mr. and Mrs. Roger Button were fifty years ahead of style when they decided, one day in the sum- mer of 1860, that their first baby should be born in a hospital. Whether this anachronism had any bearing upon the astonishing history I am about to set down will never be known.
I shall tell you what occurred, and let you judge for yourself.” (…)


El anuncio de Mercedes Clase C [@MercedesBenz] lo dio a conocer a muchos de los que estaban viendo la televisión un día cualquiera. Entre ellos, yo me quedé maravillado y quise leer la historia de Benjamin Button.

Anuncio de Mercedes Clase C




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