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“Can I borrow a pencil?”

1 November 2018

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“Malamente” (Rosalía)

1 November 2018

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“I speak English” (Basic English sentences)

1 November 2018

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 piss off

I speak English

I understand French / Spanish


You speak German / Italian

John reads books in French

Susan´s sister speaks Russian / Greek



We do not speak English in class

I do not read the newspaper

My brother does not write stories

She does not understand you


Do you speak English / German ?

Do they listen to the radio every morning?

Does Michael study French?

Do you understand me / her?

E. Fouz.-31.10.18

The English verb (three columns)

1 November 2018

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[David Bowie, artist]



How to avoid spoilers for that book you’re reading (Julia Lepetit)

1 November 2018

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I found out a site where they inform how to avoid

spoilers for the book you ´re reading at the moment.

It´s called Dorkly.

Julia Lepetit shows how to manage.

See the original version below:


And that’s why sometimes strange things happen, you know…


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