A post written by Cassie (August, 2018)

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[photo from Cassie´s blog]

I follow some blogs from wordpress. I must admit that I have a look at them from time to time. Today I would love to share a whole post written by a blogger whom I admire. I have learnt a lot of things from her page. Her name is Cassie. She is a fanatic of literature.

See here an extract from her blog:


August 6, 2018
“Is this how a bouquet of red roses is supposed to behave?”

“I’m a nerd. I color coordinate my mugs on a shelf in the kitchen, I like when the potatoes grow little sprouts that I can then pluck off and imagine myself growing — would we be rooted vegetables if we were in fact vegetables? My kitchen table is a hoarder’s den of inspiration without me even really collecting. You can reliably count on the fact that books will be arranged by size on any given shelf in our house.

I can’t help myself. I enable what little spatial reasoning I have on making things nerdy.

One facet of my nerdery is that when I’m bogged down in a writing slump, and even forcing a page a day feels like ultimate death, I watch or listen to author’s talk about their craft. I find online lectures, podcasts, news hours, interviews, and audiobooks. I generally like hearing what people are passionate about. Sometimes those lectures don’t help me in the moment, but when I’m back looking through my journals, I find a trinket that I just have to dust off. Other times, I’m completely enthralled and ready to market what the author shared. Today was one of those days.” (…)

Read the whole post below:






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