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“If you don´t go through live” …

5 June 2018

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Textos de inglés de Selectividad / PAU

5 June 2018

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Until the nineteenth century the rules about marriage, and conduct between men and women, were very strict. Women were considered inferior to men. They were not so strong physically, and they were thought to be less clever. A girl’s duty, as soon as she was old enough -from about eighteen onwards- was to marry and have children. Once she was married, her duty was to obey her husband. He was her master. No matter how badly he treated her, she had to stay with him. Before a girl married, or if she did not marry, she could work. She could not hope to get as important a job as a man, partly because she was considered less clever, and partly because everyone knew she would have to leave her job as soon as she got married. Except in the lowest and poorest class, a woman did not go out to work after marriage. If she did, she was admitting that her husband did not earn enough money to keep her, which was a disgrace for the husband. For a woman the disgrace was not to marry. A girl was expected to remain a virgin until she married. Although men could have quite strong sexual feelings, women were supposed to have almost none; if a woman showed any, she was no longer good, or respectable, and she could not hope to get a good, respectable husband.



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