Conjugate verbs in the present simple tense (LEXICALS)

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Conjugation of English verbs


Lexical verbs

Affirmative, negative and interrogative forms

affirmative form

to forget (olvidar)

I forget.yo olvido

You forget

She forgets

We/ you / they forget

negative form

to sleep (dormir)

I / you do not sleep

She does not sleep.ella no duerme

We / you / they do not sleep

interrogative form

to cheat (copiar / hacer trampa)

Do I cheat?

Do you cheat?.¿copias tú?

Does she cheat?

Do we / you / they cheat?


Skeleton of verbs (enunciado o presentación de verbos)

To speak spoke spoken (hablar)

To speak: INFINITIVE form (hablar)

spoke: PAST form (hablé, hablaba)

spoken: PAST PARTICIPLE form (hablado)


Lexical verbs :

A/ regular verbs, e.g:

to play played played; to look looked looked; to walk walked walked

[past form + past participle form end in –ed]

B/ irregular verbs, e.g:

to see saw seen; to read read read; to quit quit quit

[past form + past participle form do not end in -ed]


e.g.exempli gratia (for example)

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