Carolus et Maria by Marjorie J. Fay

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Carolus et Maria by Marjorie J. Fay

Eugenio Fouz´s  review at @goodreads Jun 06, 2017 ·

Practical, useful reading of extremely easy Latin short sentences in a graded reader for beginners. It reminded me the well-known assimil method to learn languages. This method, the assimil method, pointed out the principle of learning foreign languages by means of practice. The fluent tool is short messages introducing new words, conversion from one language to the other, a picture, notes on grammar and a bilingual glossary in every lesson. This is not a review of the assimil method but a review of a Latin easy reading. I can ́t help thinking of the easy ways of the famous pocket book I found out years ago at home.

Reading short sentences in a foreign language (not so strange for a Spanish speaker) made things more comfortable thanks to the glossary at the end of the book. Now I ́m talking about “Carolus et Maria” by Marjorie Fay. I got used to keep a bookmark in the last pages of the book to check the meanings of words. I always read taking notes, underlining expressions and jotting down meanings of words. For me the reading of the text in Latin had been hard or almost impossible without the help of the glossary of the book.

Words in context is the key to a successful learning of language.

If someone asked me how to learn a foreign language I would answer the best way to do that is by using words. Read and listen. Listen and read.
Words make the world go round. Just words.


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