The After Exam Page 1.5.-Business English 1

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Business English 1


Third term- [control 20]

  1. When we conjugate a verb in the present simple tense we NEVER write the verb TO BE before (neither after) the lexical verb

This conjugation is wrong: I´m finish / you are finish / she is finish

This conjugation is RIGHT: I finish / you finish / she finishes

  1. Visit Aula Virtual (@moodle), go to the section of vocabulary, download the PDFs, print them and learn them. Study the words in detail (written form and meaning). Do not learn difícil like this: dificult but difficult. Do not learn café like this: cofee but coffee. Note that actualmente is not actually but currently
  2. The verb TO BE (ser) in the past tense has only two different forms: was / were. Do not write “I were happy” but “I was happy”. Do not write “ It were cold” instead of “It was cold
  3. Telling the time. To say 8:40 use this formula: it is twenty to nine; to say 3:15 use this formula: it is quarter past three
  4. Cardinal numbers are these: 1, 2, 3 (one, two, three)
  5. Ordinal numbers are these: 1st, 2nd, 3rd (first, second, third)
  6. To say 12th we say twelfth, to say 9th we say ninth. We cannot say “La doceava copa del Real Madrid, junio de 2017 (Cardiff)” but “La duodécima copa del Real Madrid, junio de 2017 (Cardiff)
  7. Personal pronouns of subject are: I, you, he / she / it, we, you, they. We use these pronouns in conjugations of verbs, e.g, I like those running shoes, he loves me, we learn a lot of things with our teacher
  8. Demonstratives: there are only four:

this (este, esta, esto) / these (estos, estas) / that (esa, eso, ese, aquel, aquella, aquello) / those (esos, esas, aquellos, aquellas)

  1. Learn the NATO alphabet by heart! A for Alpha, B for Bravo, C for Charlie, etcetera. You might be asked to spell your surname using these words. See the example. Spell this word following the NATO CODE: W-I-N-D-O-W-S. If you write W for Whiskey I for India N for November D for Delta O for Oswald (instead of O for Oscar) W for Whiskey S for Sierra, you will be punished with a low mark.


conjugate.conjugar / / after.después / before.antes

wrong.incorrecto / right.correcto

learn(v).aprender / print(v).imprimir / use(v).utilizar

instead.en lugar de

say(v).decir / spell(v).deletrear

like esta manera / by memoria

Be good & good luck!



See the document as #PDF if you like


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