The secret of joy?

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Extract of an article written by Jessica Semaan

What brings you joy?

And why it’s hard to answer this question

Jessica Semaan

“Sometimes the experience of joy can be more uncomfortable than the one of pain. Dr. Brené Brown even states that joy is the most terrifying emotion we feel as humans.

Last week, I wrote a piece about my greatest fears. Richard Childs responded back with the following:

“I think if simultaneously you answered your greatest loves, you’d recognize the holistic, loving Jessica I am coming to know through your writing. And this would be a much more accurate and balanced picture. More importantly a better foundation to focus on your continuous development.”

In writing my greatest loves, or what brings me joy, I encountered a lot of resistance. In Brown’s words, I was experiencing the foreboding joy. Everything on this list, I might lose tomorrow, and I know I will lose eventually. But I kept writing.

One of the many gifts of experiencing the darkness deeply, is it allows me to experience the light more fully. Ten things that bring me joy:

1.My beloved. After being single for years, I am now learning to love again. While it is a relatively new relationship, the intimacy both physical and emotional we have together, brings me into the present moment, and opens my heart in ways I did not know were possible.

2.Writing. Translating emotions, and experiences into a coherent, sharable format, sharing it with you, getting your hearts, your reactions, your kind words, your reflections. ALL of it.

3.Silence. Silent meditation. Nature. Quiet Sunday afternoons with a book. Listening to the sound of the rain. In peace, I find joy.

4.Friends. Being with close friends, who you can laugh with, admit your sins to and be fully yourself without any act. The friends you hold when they are in distress because they trust you enough to let go. The friends that show up when life is hard and sit there and listen. I owe my survival in this life to my close friends, and you know who you are. You my friends, bring me joy.

5.Movement. Dancing, working out, yoga, hiking, sex. Anything that allows my body to open, to release, to express without the force of the intellect.” (…) 

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