One master key, three websites, videos, newspapers and podcasts

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For those teachers who wanted to be good at Business English I would recommend a master key which contains a lot of websites related to Business English called E.L Easton Business English dot com, three websites, listen to podcasts, read English newspapers every day, watch videos and use dictionaries.

The master key I named before provides other websites on Business English practice, writing, reading and specific vocabulary lists. See the link here:


Not a bad idea to visit these websites below:

1/ Learn English Today (abbreviations, vocabulary, games, interviews, business conversations, etcetera)

2/  Business English Site ( general Business English, sales and marketing, listening comprehension texts, reading texts, etcetera)

3/ Teaching English Org.(meetings, socialising, lesson plans and worksheets included)

Moreover I would insist on reading English newspapers such as The Huffington Post, The Daily Mail or The Daily Telegraph on a regular basis. Anyway, there are plenty of online magazines and newspapers with brilliant articles (Buzzfeed, The Independent, The New Yorkers, The Guardian)

Watching videos on @YouTube, the news on @euronews and listening to podcasts on @BBC_podcasts is essential to keep English alive.



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