Animar a la lectura a través de pruebas falsas (o mini tests)

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NOTA: Una muestra de una prueba falsa (o mini test) de animación a la lectura. Los estudiantes saben que van a ser evaluados sobre un libro a lo largo del trimestre. Este podría ser un ejemplo de prueba fácil. Comprobar lo bien o lo mal que conocen el vocabulario, los verbos, las expresiones descubre su “temperatura lectora”


English language.-Mock test

Students of Vocational Training.-First Year.

test on the reader.-

Last name:


Class group:       Date:                                                                                        Mark:  …  / 10

  1. Write the title of the book and the name of the first story here: (1)



  1. Is this a short story, a poem, a novel or an essay? How many of them are there? (1) // there is.hay / there are.hay


  1. Write the name of the characters of the first text, here: (1)



  1. Does the woman have short or long hair at the beginning of the story? (1)




  1. Translate the following verbs into Spanish: (2)

said.                          buy.              cut.               it doesn´t matter.

remembered.                     want.


  1. Translate into Spanish the following words: (2)

cents.                                   job.                            old brown hat.

watch.                                 small curls.            scream.

combs.                                 behind.                    presents.



  1. Conjugate the present simple in the interrogative form of TO READ. Translate one form into Spanish. Write ordinal numbers from 1º to 13º in English   (2)



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