How to download a podcast (from the BBC)

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How to download a podcast

1.type this: in the google search window

2.when you reach the page from the, move your mouse downwards to the bottom.

3.find the word PODCASTS and click on it.

4.look for the category named learning. Click on that box. will see lots of pages like covers of magazines. Choose a topic you fancy listening. the brief information provided there by the BBC.

7.have a look at the DURATION of the MP3 audios. Some audios last for 40 minutes whereas some others only last for 3 minutes. on the podcast group you want to listen with the left button of the mouse. Shortly afterwards the screen of the computer or smartphone will be filled with lots of podcasts to download.

9.choose one. Click on that one with a touch over the right button of the mouse.

10.if everything is fine, there will be an icon of a MP3 audio file download into the downloads folder. is your choice to direct the download into your desktop.

12.podcasts can be listened in a MP3 player, computer or smartphone.

13.listen to podcasts for a minimum of 3 times. Focus on language (pronunciation, intonation, vocabulary, grammar) as well as on content (the story).

Enjoy the listening.

 Eugenio Fouz.- 151215



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