First of all, one should learn how to apologize

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When somebody wants to drive a car the first lesson must show how to stop or brake the vehicle and immediately afterwards how to start the engine. When using a foreign language one must learn how to apologize before learning other things. There are well-known set phrases for this issue. See these ones taken from the website “My English Pages” linked below.



Apologizing To apologize is to tell someone that you are sorry for having done something that has caused him inconvenience or unhappiness:

Examples: I must apologize to Isabel for my late arrival.

I’d like to apologize for my trouble making.

Trains may be subject to delay on the northern line. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Here are some expressions you can use to make and respond to apologies

Making apologies:I am sorry

I do apologize for…

I must apologize for…

I apologize for…

I’d like to apologize for…

I am so sorry for…

I shouldn’t have…

It’s all my fault.

I’m ashamed of…

Please, forgive me for…

Excuse me for …

I’m terribly sorry for…

Pardon me for this…

Please, forgive me for my….

Please, accept my apologies for…


Accepting apologies:apologize

That’s all right.

Never mind.

Don’t apologize.

It doesn’t matter.

Don’t worry about it.

Don’t mention it.

That’s OK.

I quite understand.

You couldn’t help it.

Forget about it.

Don’t worry about it.

No harm done.

Remember: “I’d like to apologize” is the short form of “I would like to apologize”


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