Inside the teacher of English´s head

twitter: @eugenio_fouz


Functional language A4 papers

Parallel Papers (revision of basics, exercises, etcetera)

Grammar syllabus, explain these topics

Oral activities –textobook

Practice files- ESL 2

Read aloud, pronunciation, understanding, vocabulary

Audios, words, role-playing

Writing essays, opinion

Dialogues – audios

Being creative, open questions

Worksheets, lots of SMS

links with keys on Business English language at @moodle

upload podcasts from the BBC to @moodle

pictures. description- What can you see? What can you guess?


Texts. Reading topics

Videos uploaded to @moodle

Brief dictations.


Quotes. Translate short texts


Listening exercises included in controls

Mock tests

HOW TO pages (download a podcast, tell the time, conjugate a verb)

More new words, more new texts


Use dictionaries

Specific words for a specific signature. Business English- CV, sales, contracts

Ordinal numbers, telephone numbers, amounts, telephone speaking

Spanish grammar (conjugation of verbs) (demonstratives, articles)




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