Quick schedule of a foreign language class

twitter: @eugenio_fouz


  1. dictation (short, easy)
  2. reader (reading paragraphs of a bookworm, use dictionaries)
  3. exercises (handouts / blackboard and exercise book / online – @moodle)
  4. words (vocabulary lists, practice) and grammar explanation
  5. audio (listenings from the textbook, extras, podcasting, songs / videos online-@moodle)
  6. texts (read aloud, read in low voice, reading comprehension)
  7. sms (short messages for translation, grammar, practice)
  8. functional language (useful language, handouts / online-@moodle)
  9. notebook (practice:BASICS, exercises, words, sentences, notes)
  10. homework

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One Response to “Quick schedule of a foreign language class”

  1. Rose Says:

    I wanna join if eng lan if free class

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