A controversial topic: should cell phones be allowed in the classroom?

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mobile phones not allowed

I have found out a site on the net where there was a debate on this issue: should we, teachers, allow or ban the use of cell phones at school? Have a look at some opinions below:


We should be allowed. Why can’t we use our phones when we see teachers use theirs all the time in class and outside of class? Why aren’t we allowed to use them if the teachers are already breaking the rules in the first place? If teachers can use their phones, students should be allowed to as well.


Cell phone ban! Cell phones cause distraction in class to teachers and students alike. It is simply a status symbol and feeds to drama in the classroom. Phones can also be used to do criminal activity such as illegal pictures. School is a place to learn not to text with friends in the same classroom as you. When students get grades that are poor leave part of the blame on the phones.


No cell phones (sorry) Cell phones are great, don’t get me wrong. You can text, call, play games, procrastinate, do math. But all these things in school? Not a good idea. I know (being a teen) that abuse rules is the best feeling you get. Exciting, entertaining, and also an escape. You can escape into the world of instagram or vine. Clash of Clans or Make it rain. But these games are a bad idea to bring into the classroom. No matter where I go in the school you always see an Iphone. And these come with great distractions. But phones are great after-school. Need to talk to your parents about being pick-up? Right at your fingertips! It’s only in-school that it becomes a problem. Therefore it should be banned during the day, but when the last bell rings…. The phones come out! But I see in the section I type in, a bunch of technophobic parents and I….. *sigh*. Come on people, get used to it, the world will change, it just depends on if your willing to change with it. So don’t be the people who blame phones for everything, find a solution. In, “the seven successful habits of highly effective teens,” it talks about poor and great habits of teens. One of the poor habits is the, ” I blame the world for all of my problems,” change it into a solution, not a blame. Plus, look at all possible perspectives, including the teens point of view.


Target for Stealing Cellphones are very valuable and expensive so many people are tempted to steal them.And what happens when they get stolen? The owner will eventually have to buy a new phone and their parents will get really mad at them. It’s too much drama! Who needs to go through all that.


They Should Be Allowed While phones SHOULD be prohibited during class time, I see no reason for this also to apply to lunch period. Students aren’t doing anything other than eating. It’s their break from classes and thus they should be able to do what they want during that time, including the privilege of using their phones.

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