Present perfect tense (English grammar)

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Present Perfect tense

Present perfect + just ( IN AFFIRMATIVE SENTENCES) ;


S + have / has+ JUST + Vpp  + C

Susan´s brother has just finished the exercises

(el hermano de Susan acaba de terminar los ejercicios/

el hermano de Susan ha terminado justo ahora los ejercicios)

We have just phoned him

Max and I have just read that novel. It was great!


Present perfect+still (IN NEGATIVE SENTENCES)

*Eye to the position of STILL just before

the auxiliary verb HAVE/HAS ; TODAVÍA

S + STILL + haven´t / hasn´t + Vpp + C

I still haven´t found what I was looking for (*U2)

(Todavía no he encontrado lo que estaba buscando)

Our pupils still haven´t done the workbook exercises from lesson 4

Your daughter still hasn´t seen that famous film on television



S + haven´t / hasn´t + Vpp  + C + YET

Tom´s uncle hasn´t met her cousin Bob in Paris yet

(el tío de Tom no ha encontrado a su primo Bob en París todavía)

Girls haven´t come to the party yet

Sorry, madam; your husband hasn´t phoned yet


Present perfect +yet (IN INTERROGATIVE SENTENCES) ; YA 

Have / Has + S + Vpp + C + YET ?

Has she washed her hair yet? (se ha lavado el pelo ya?)

Have you locked your car yet?


Present perfect+ already   (IN AFFIRMATIVE SENTENCES) ; YA

S + Have / has + ALREADY + Vpp + C

Tom, Dick and Harry have already entered the room (Tom, Dick y Harry ya han entrado en la sala) ESL 2.  EF. 10.11.2014


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