I had a wonderful plan for my classroom yesterday

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2014-10-16 08.42.16

1/work with textbook and practice files

2/teach and show my students grammar and words, use examples and lists-get students involved in copying and speaking

3/read texts aloud, do exercises, listen and play more than once AUDIO recordings

4/do dictations (tapescripts)

5/share maps, lists of words from 2 lessons and useful phrases

6/get ready : TESTS, dates and their marking as well

7/work via moodle (AV)

8/make my students work with their notebooks as if they were their own passports

9/ask for homework everyday

10/share videos, podcasts

11/enjoy choral speaking (repeat conjugation of verbs, difficult pronunciation of words, etc)

12/describe pictures and comics, tell stories

13/speaking English 

14/role-playing  Spanglish- how to introduce yourself / answering the phone

15/extras: doubts, curiosities, English culture and literature

16/much more practice and revision, much more practice and revision

17/do not forget acquisition (reading extra texts, listening extra podcasts, watching extra videos, doing activities out of the academic centre such as talks to foreigners)

18/homework: list of tasks in the students´ notebooks (look up for the meaning of a list of words, translate some easy short messages, BASICS: copy from Parallel Papers document the ordinal numbers from 1st to 24th)

19/encourage my students to read readers in English language

20/listen to podcasts regularly (BBC, British Council, ESL podcasts)

21/travel to the UK or any other country where you can practise English language

22/use bilingual dictionaries (English/Spanish) or monolingual English dictionaries

23/be curious and open to new things

24/let my students write opinions and summaries from time to time

25/enjoy classes and instruction!

*{as a teacher I should get my class ready for 2 weeks in advance}


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