Tweet fugit

twitter: @eugenio_fouz

2014-08-04 23.31.18

{Such a tweetheart}


*ignition point:

a tweet a day keeps depression away- Plato vía @jess_stratton



Such a tweetheart

Tweet fugit

You tweeting to me, uh? (De Niro)

Tweet me more, tweet me more (Grease)

Late tweet

I tweeted it my way (Frank Sinatra)

Make me immortal with a tweet (Christopher Marlowe)

Tweeting on heaven´s door

Let´s tweet again, yeah vía @marfranco007

Tweet is the question

To tweet or not to tweet vía @NormaDra

Twust do it

Just tweet it

Come on, let´s tweet again like we did last summer vía @VinceBobadilla

Just do tweet

Tweet are you? vía @NormaDra

What the twuck?

Dance tweet to tweet

Twitter to ride vía @VinceBobadilla

I don´t care a tweet

I fu… tweet you

A simple tweet of fate

Don´t drive if you tweet

Tweet, twerereit, tweet

You look so tweet today, darling

Kiss me on my tweets

You tweet me like a stranger

One tweet three

You tweet me apart

Tweet and shout

Tweet me tender

Oh, sweetheart I´m tweeting you so much

Tweet it again, Sam


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