Glossary of words for beginners based on a Larousse handbook

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I have picked out some words from a Larousse handbook. As a result of this and other manuals as well as from my own notes in the classroom I eventually organized a list of words which might be useful for beginners.

The packs of words are distributed in three terms. It is expected that a student learns those words and a lot more apart from these in approximately twelve weeks. The standard student dedicates three hours a week to study a foreign language. Every pack contains nouns, adjectives, prepositions, verbs, and idioms. I suggest that the student underline or colour every word he memorizes by means of a highlighter or a pencil. This would be a nice way to check the vocabulary learned.

first term

Colours.colores Black/white.negro/blanco
Pink/green.rosa/verde Yellow/red.amarillo/rojo
Khaki/beige.caqui/beis Orange/blue.naranja/azul
Brown/sand.marrón/arena Numbers.números
Cardinal numbers.números cardinales One/
Nine/ten.nueve/diez Thirteen/thirty.trece/treinta  in my public files

Eye! Here there is a pack of the whole thing:



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